The milk tooth sequence and the subsequent mixed tooth sequence develop when the child’s growth is most active. The first milk tooth starts to emerge at the 6th month. Different groups of primary teeth fall periodically and leave their place to permanent primary teeth.
This lasts until 12 years of age. In this process, early loss of primary teeth may affect the jaw development and lead to aesthetic and speech disorders. All treatments applied to permanent teeth can also be applied to primary teeth.
The treatment of pediatric teeth (Pedodontics) is a separate branch of dentistry that requires an expert approach. In addition, the development of the skeletal jaw in the child’s growth process should be controlled by the Orthodontist. Our clinic, with its specialist physicians, takes measures and practices to ensure that children in developmental age have a healthy tooth and mouth structure.
The other two preventive treatment methods are fissure sealant, which means kapatıl closure of caries-prone areas with topical fluorine için, which is applied to increase the resistance of deciduous teeth to caries. When the child is 6 years old, the first molar tooth, the first permanent tooth, takes its place in the mouth. The longest and most functional teeth must be protected against caries by application of topical fluorine sealant fissure sealant.
Early measures and small interventions for protective purposes ensure that children can smile smoothly at an advanced age.