Dental stones are formed in the teeth and gum neighborhoods as a result of precipitation of calcium in the saliva or as a result of incorrect, incomplete, irregular tooth brushing. The frequency of occurrence varies between 6 months and 2 years. Coffee, tea, cigarettes, etc. with toothstone. intense use of coloring substances during the day causes stains and discoloration of the teeth.

Dental calculus and stains on the tooth increase the adhesion surface for bacteria. It is the main source of bad breath and tooth decay as it provides ease of attachment.
In conventional tooth cleaning, there is no damage during cleaning with ultrasonic instruments, but the brushes and polish clays used during the subsequent polishing process cause permanent damage to the tooth surface. The clay used during the polishing process repeatedly rubs the tooth surface due to its large-grain and non-resorbable structure and scratches the enamel which is the outermost layer of the tooth. This damage caused by tooth enamel is permanent in the long term and causes our patient to experience sensitivity, aesthetics and functional problems.
In the Peri Air flow ® method, particles in a special solution (25 microns in size) are applied from a distance without touching the tooth surface. All colorations and dental stones are cleaned. In our opinion, the most important effect; it does not damage the tooth surface and also corrects the periodontal damages that occurred before. All points where the toothbrush and floss cannot penetrate are easily cleaned by means of the sprayed solution, resulting in a bright, polished surface.

No pain and tenderness
Many patients have complained of tingling and pain during and after the application of ultrasonic devices to mechanical force. Perio Air flow ® does not create such an effect, but thanks to its practical application and comfort, you can spend a much shorter time in the dentist’s chair.
It is appropriate for the dentist to decide how often dental calculus should be cleaned regularly. During this process, the dental stones are first broken with ultrasonic tools or hand tools and then with the help of a special brush or the current flow airflow ”method, the discolorations are removed and the teeth are polished. Flow Airflow ”method is used especially for removing coloration that may arise from tea, coffee and cigarette consumption.
Thanks to the washing effect of saliva, calculus formation is not seen much in these ages. Even if it is too early to clean the calculus, airflow polishing is suitable for all ages.
Especially in small ages, small black dots in the mouth of bacteria in the mouth that can occur by sticking to the teeth are not cleaned by brushing, in this case by using the flow airflow kullanılarak device can be used to clean and polish the process.
Ultrasonic methods or hand tools used in stone crushing first do no harm during dental calculus cleaning. However, during the polishing process, the brushes and some cleaning materials used in the past caused the damage of one glass of acidic beverage each time. In flow Airflow ”method, the tooth is no longer touched. In the distance, all colorations are taken from a distance and air and a special medicine, especially in irregular tooth structures, every point where the brush cannot reach and water can be cleaned. Patients leave the clinic happier with better and painless cleaning