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Fixed Dentures

Fixed prosthesis is the most common type of prosthesis used today. These prostheses are one of the restoration types for missing tooth slots in the mouth, benefiting from other teeth or implants. In short, the patient, the lack of teeth, speech and aesthetic aspects of the image that leads to defect of the teeth that complement the dentures.Ankara dental prosthesis The main purpose of this type of prosthesis, the patient’s resistance to remove the chewing force and aesthetically, is intended to be in the same state with other dental structures.


Removable Dentures

Mobile prosthesis treatment is the type of treatment preferred by the physician where fixed prosthesis cannot be performed in the missing places, although the number of missing teeth in the mouth is high. It is divided into two as full dentures and half dentures. Mobile prosthesis treatment is different from other prostheses. More frequent doctor visits may be required to complete the treatment. The patient may need to adapt to the prosthesis and consult with the physician to make improvements to the prosthesis. The removable prosthesis depends on the number of teeth, not age. There has been a false perception among the public, as if the removable prosthesis can be used after a certain age. Ankara dental prosthesis This perception occurs because the tooth loss occurs as the age progresses.


Total Prosthesis

Complete dentures are a type of prosthesis that is applied when the patient’s entire teeth are lost and their toothless mouths are applied. Because the missing teeth are missing, the cheeks are collapsed and the jaw is approaching each other. In short, in this case, it looks like a hundred years old. The patient without teeth can not eat healthy food and may experience disruptions in social life. With this treatment, the prostheses are made of acrylic and pink resins that are closest to the gums.


Partial (partial or modern) Prostheses

It can be removed and attached by the patient. Partial (partial or modern) prostheses support the teeth in the jawbone, teeth cavity, provide speech, chewing functions and meet the needs with aesthetic appearance. Although these prostheses are described as mobile prostheses, well-constructed prostheses do not cause chewing or speech. On the contrary, the patient can use it easily. The main structure of the prosthesis is metal and it is thin. This ensures ease of use in the patient and maximizes compliance. In addition, all the allergic complications of metal can be eliminated with this system called deflex in order to avoid problems in adapting to the body.


Precision Retainers

It is also called as prosthetic prosthesis among the people. In this prosthesis, the process is made with retainers and crowns made on the support teeth, not the clutches on the teeth. The most important advantage is that they are both aesthetic and conservative.

Implant Prostheses


In terms of usage, in today’s technology, implant supported fixed prostheses are used instead of removable prostheses. It removes all the disadvantages of removable prosthesis and provides great comfort and comfort to the patient. With the use of implants made of titanium in the treatment of prosthesis, it has eliminated many chronic problems in dentistry.

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