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Oral diagnosis includes the diagnosis and treatment planning of oral diseases and systemic diseases in the mouth in dentistry.
Only rotten teeth and inflamed gums do not appear in the mouth. As it is accepted all over the world, diseases of jaw bones and joints, salivary glands, tongue and all soft tissues seen in the mouth are the subjects of dentistry. Although these structures and tissues cover a small area, they form an anatomically complex structure. Many systemic diseases also show important symptoms in the mouth. For example, in diabetes, gum disease progresses very quickly. Again, frequent and multiple aphthae in the mouth may be the first signs of behçet’s disease. For these reasons, a separate department of diagnosis and treatment planning of oral diseases had to be born and Oral Diagnosis and Radiology took on this task.

Dental Films
Dental radiographs, ie dental films, are the main assistants in the diagnosis of oral diseases, especially those related to hard tissue such as teeth and jaw bone. The two most commonly used types of dental films are periapical (small films showing 2-3 teeth) and panoramic films. (large films that can show all teeth and jaw bones, upper and lower). Digital radiography devices, a computer-aided technique, allow us to perform color and light fluctuations on the film image using a very low radiation dose and allow us to make detailed evaluations. In addition, MRI and CT are the films that can be requested as an aid especially in implant applications and diagnosis of joint diseases.

Diagnosis and Treatment
With all these methods, we can easily see and diagnose the remaining 2/3 of the tooth structure, 1/3 of which can be seen in the mouth, and structures such as inflammatory formations and embedded teeth remaining in the jawbone. A good diagnosis also ensures the correct treatment planning. In this way, all necessary treatment needs are identified early and bigger problems are prevented in the future.

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