• What is Bonding?
It is the bonding material applied to the desired areas without damaging the tooth surface and composite filling in tooth color.

• What is the Difference with Composite Laminated?
The only difference between composite laminate and bonding is the preparation site. Bonding is prepared in the mouth and the composite lamina is prepared in the laboratory and adhered to the tooth. Composite lamina is more comfortable in terms of mouth opening time in terms of patient satisfaction, but costs are higher.

• How long is the life of Bonding?
An appropriate bonding application can be used for 5 to 10 years depending on oral hygiene and eating and drinking habits. Must be renewed after 10 years.

• Is Bonding an Expensive Transaction?
It is the cheapest cost and the least damaging process in aesthetic applications.

• Will there be any changes in my teeth when bonding is removed?
There will be no changes after bonding due to bonding.

• How long does Bonding take?
Bonding takes about 45 minutes for a single tooth. In most patients, the procedure is completed in the first session. Pink Aesthetics may be required in cases where the application of the second session.