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Tooth Diamond (Tooth Crystal)

In recent years, those who want to give aestheticity and shine to the tooth appearance have started to prefer dental crystals. The tooth crystal, also known as tooth diamond, has been appreciated in terms of making a difference on the tooth surface and the person’s smile.
Dental crystals or dental diamonds, which are very difficult to fall off the tooth surface and are easily re-adhered in case of falls, are an advantageous aesthetic practice since they can be applied at any age. Tooth crystals of different sizes and shapes will give you a sparkle with your smile. It will be used easily because it does not damage the surface of your teeth and does not pose any risk to oral health. When you want a difference in appearance, it will be your best choice.

Who can make a dental crystal?

The dental crystal, which falls into the aesthetic and cosmetic field of dentistry, can be easily applied to the desired age and desired teeth. Almost everyone can get dental diamonds, should be applied by specialist dentists.
Oral and dental health of the person must be established before the dental crystal is applied. Tooth crystals will look better in mouths with white teeth. Therefore, dental plaque can be cleaned first, teeth can be removed from caries and teeth whitening can be applied. Anyone who is suitable for oral hygiene and alignment of teeth can get a dental crystal.
What kind of stones does dental diamond use?
You can use different alternatives instead of crystal stones when choosing dental diamonds. Dental stones, which are less expensive than dental diamonds, may be suitable for your budget. However, as they are applied only by gluing without using the abrasion method, the lifetime of these stones will be shorter. There will also be a risk of dislocation due to the hard force applied when eating or eating fruit. It can also be removed without the need for polishing when removal is required.
Those who want to use dental crystals for a long time can make their choices by following their doctor’s recommendations. When the dental diamond is of good quality, it is almost impossible to fall or break from the tooth.
How To Make A Dental Crystal? Application Stages
The question of how to apply a dental crystal is one of the most important questions for those who will buy dental diamonds. Artificial stones or diamonds are bonded to the tooth surface with a special technique without any abrasion on the tooth surface with the developing technology. Using special adhesives, they are placed on the surface of the desired tooth with a short operation.
Dental crystals, which are difficult to separate from the tooth surface under normal conditions, are easily re-adhered by the dentist when they leave the tooth due to hard food consumption. Before the dental diamond is glued to the tooth, the tooth surface is first removed from dental stones or stains. The tooth to be glued with the dental diamond is isolated from the surrounding tissues with the help of cotton so that saliva does not touch and the process is performed. Special adhesives called composite bonding are used at this stage.
If you want to remove the dental diamonds after the removal process to be done with the tooth polishing application is provided to prevent any damage to the tooth. Your dentist will give a detailed answer to your question on how to apply a dental crystal.
Advantages of Dental Crystal Application
Tooth crystals are very advantageous in that they can be applied to anyone who wants a difference in smile and appearance. Thanks to dental diamond application:
• You can have a remarkable smile.
• Your teeth will look better.
• You can have white teeth by having teeth whitening.
• Your confidence increases and you get a different look.
• Complete your personal image.
• You can laugh more comfortable and beautiful.
You can have happy smiles thanks to the tooth crystal and diamonds that will make you feel more beautiful. If you say how to wear dental diamonds, you can get support from specialist dentists.
Is there any harm to the tooth?
Dental crystal is one of the applications without any harm. Damage to the dental crystal can show the risk of breakage and swallowing if excessive hard foods are consumed. It is important that no one intervenes except in the dentists who do not need any special care and who will have sufficient daily oral care. The dental diamond to be bonded by the dentist will be used more reliably and healthily.

Tooth Crystal Treatment Time

Dental crystal application time is very short. 15 – 20 minutes after a rasp and paste session you can easily continue your daily life. The duration of the dental diamond application will vary according to the number of diamonds to be attached to the surface of the teeth. Dentists will advise you about the duration of dental diamond treatment.

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