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Smile design, as the name suggests, is a specially designed design. If the smile design is not prepared individually, it is not possible to talk about aesthetics. It also consists of people who always have identical teeth. For this reason, color selection, model work, aesthetic plan, gingival aesthetics such as work is done individually. Through these works, a real artistic work emerges and the person’s smile becomes special. Our most important assistant in these studies is digital planning. Digital planning work starts with a photo shoot and all the records of the person are taken to the computer.
Smile design, as mentioned above, starts with photo shoots. These photos allow us to analyze the situation and see all the details. It then requires physician and patient dialogue. Through these dialogues, expectations character analysis and muscle analysis are performed. It is not possible to speak of an aesthetic design with identical teeth. For this reason, the design is unique to the individual and should work with an original model. The art part of dentistry manifests itself here. Teeth whitening methods can also be applied when all studies are completed.

“I don’t like my smile”
The important issue in smile design is to determine what the person does not like in his / her smile and to design accordingly. For this purpose, the current situation is photographed and the errors in the computer environment and what should be discussed with the person. The aesthetic thoughts that are decided upon are immediately implemented.

How Does?
This is provided first in the digital environment. Then work is started in the mouth. Materials such as special toothpaste in the mouth color are completed on the teeth and the design is shown in the mouth before the porcelain teeth are made. In this way, harmony or incompatibility between the physician and the patient occurs. On both sides is embodied what dreams are. The result is discussed by discussing the design that turns into an object.

Will I Be A Model Smile?
Sure it could. But it’s not enough just to make the teeth. First of all, we have to tell you how this smile is. Because mannequins work this smile seriously. For a nice smile, our mouth should be open first so that the beauty and whiteness of your upper teeth will emerge. In fact, your tongue should be positioned a little behind and as if there was a sugar on it. At this point, only the ends of the lower incisors are visible and the lower lip prevents the other teeth from appearing.
After successfully completing the above-mentioned model smile work, the rest is now prepared for your teeth by making a special design. Believe it is very easy after design. The important thing is the preparation of this draft.

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