Implantology (Implant Treatment)

What is Implant?

Implants are artificial tooth roots placed on the jawbone to restore function and aesthetics instead of lost teeth for various reasons.


Loss of teeth, which is a part of facial aesthetics, causes psychological and social problems as well as feeding, digestive problems and speech disorders.


It can also be adjusted with implant supported prostheses.


How long is my treatment completed?


The duration of the implant mark will be examined from patient to patient and according to the implant brand used. Temporary teeth loading, permanent teeth loading is possible in 48 hours.


Duration of the general treatment is between 10-20 days because we wait until gum is full healed.


In patients with inadequate bone status, this period is up to 4 months. During all processes we are able to provide temporary teeth.


Single Tooth Lack

Implant treatment is a more protective treatment than bridge restoration. The treatment is completed with a single implant without touching the left and right teeth of the missing tooth.


For cleaning with a ceramic crown, healthy teeth need to be reduced and covered with a 3-member coating, which will economically burden the bridge. Instead, an implant to be placed in the cavity of a missing tooth can be treated without requiring any treatment on the adjacent teeth, ie without damaging the healthy teeth.


Two Teeth and Three Teeth Lack

The region with tooth deficiency is of great importance for alternative treatments. To be a bridge treatment, there must be a tooth to be supported on the right and left. Implant placement can be removed with fixed teeth.


Complete Toothlessness

If there are no teeth left in the mouth, the nausea reflex and the retainers of the prosthesis are sufficiently used because if the removable prosthesis cannot be used; implant supported prostheses are applied to the patient. Its alternatives are also available.


1. Implant Supported Removable Prosthesis

It is more advantageous than normal removable prosthesis, the patient can be removed by hand at any time,


2.Bar Implant Supported Removable Prosthesis

The number of implants increases to 4 in this treatment and comfort increases slightly.


3.Full Implant (Lower-upper jaw fixed tooth)

The placement of 6,7 or 8 implants will have fixed teeth for the patient. It is the best treatment for full toothless patients.


Technique on Quad Implant

The All On Four implant technique involves the fixation of the same day dental prosthesis on four dental implants.


It provides fixed dental prosthesis to the same toothless patients with a single surgical procedure on the same day.

The operation is more because no advanced surgical procedure is performed.

The duration of dental implant surgery is shorter.

Personally planned, a look and laugh line provides smile aesthetics.

More cleaning than conventional dental implant fixed dentures.

Suitable for patients with nausea reflex who cannot use removable dental prosthesis.

Its design differs from that of full dental prostheses (palate). The patient is more accustomed to the acclimatization and use of the coating for the palate.

The number of treatment sessions required is less used, suitable for patients residing outside the city.

Who is the All Four Four implant technique?

In Four On, the need for all non-toothless (no teeth) patients with sufficient bone volume and without a systemic disease to interfere with dental implant surgery.


Is All Four Implant Price Expensive?

Although the number of implants in all four systems decreases, the price as a single jaw is more expensive. Prosthetic infrastructure and implant used at different prices.


What are the stages of All On Four treatment?

All for quadruple treatment planning. Computed tomography (CT) companions

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