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What is Dermapen?

Dermapen treatment is used in acne scars, pores, skin renewal, sun spots, skin tightening, removal of fine lines and crack treatments which are the most important skin problems of today. Dermapen treatment is used for the restructuring of the skin by increasing the collagen tissue in the face, hair, hand and neck area and in the areas where there is tissue loss in the body.
With the application of dermapen, damaged tissues are reactivated and repaired rapidly. Make-up residues on the skin should be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected before the procedure. Then pure hyaluronic acid is applied to the area to be treated. In this treatment, more than one micro channel is opened to the skin. Automatic and vibrating needling technique reduces pain sensation, accelerates the absorption of products and improves the effectiveness of treatment. All this application is completed in about 1 hour. Tissue loss is repaired in the applied area and new tissue formation is achieved and skin problems disappear in a short time. Recovery is completed in a very short time. Thanks to collagen production, damaged tissues are restructured and tightened. Dermapen treatment, which is usually non-bleeding, is performed between 2-6 sessions depending on the skin structure and problems. These sessions, which are repeated every 6 months, can provide more permanent results in wrinkle treatment.
The advantages of rejuvenation without surgery:
• Reduction of fine lines
• Pinching and stretching of the skin
• Reduction and even disappearance of acne and other spots
• Removing cracks and skin loosening
• Very fast healing process
• Reliability of laser peeled skin
• Can be applied in all skin types and in all regions
• Collagen improves tissue.

Where is Dermapen applied?
• Face
• Hand
• Neck
• Hair
• Acne, blemish, crack, cellulite and tissue loss areas in the body

What is the Dermapen Difference?
Performs the most important role in the repair mechanisms of the organism. When tissue damage occurs, when Dermapen is applied, the tissue is activated and many tissue enhancing factors provide the environment. Its main effect is to repair tissues quickly.

How is Dermapen Application?
Dermapen is applied to scalp, face, neck, hands, acne and acne and tissue loss and problem areas. All operations are completed in approximately 1 hour. Tissue development begins at the application site, tissue loss is repaired and they begin to produce new tissue. The result is very pleasing for both men and women.
What are the advantages of Dermapen?
The healing process is very short due to its content. Repairs and regenerates tissues. New collagen production, new vascular development is provided. Growth factors and restructuring of the intercellular environment eliminate tissue damage and produce fresh tissues. Easy to apply and comfortable. It is very easy to provide the necessary material.

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